The electrical and fire alarm system are the main factors in the functional success and safety of any project.  The correct application of lighting systems, power, fire protection system, communications, control and security, in addition to capital and operating cost must be addressed in the final design.

Creating innovative lighting solutions for buildings encompassing user space requirements and architectural composition requires a full understanding of today's needs and anticipating tomorrow's requirements. While the engineering aspects of lighting design have been refined to a state of high precision, a clear operative technique for the application of the design factors to reveal and enhance the entire built environment has proven much more exclusive.

With 45 years’ experience, our Firm has been active in B.C. and were design team members on recreation and public facilities - the Blackcomb Ski Hill Facilities, Shaughnessy Tennis Club, Hollyburn Country Club, Percy Norman Pool, Vancouver Rowing Club, B.C. Pavilion and numerous health clubs and exercise facilities.

Our commitment is to deliver the highest standard of engineering excellence through the application of state of the art technological developments and the active participation of the Principals as effective members of the clients design team.